5 Myths about Cosmetic Surgery Revealed

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Cosmetic surgery is one of the medical subjects that contain a lot of debate both among citizens of the UK and among medical committees. As of 2015, invasive cosmetic surgery statistics had risen by 12.6% as compared to the previous year. With the number growing in every year, there is no doubt that cosmetic surgery Poland is no longer a subject that needs to be kept under the bridge. However, there are a lot of myths that revolve around the procedures and here are five that have been clarified. 

It is dangerous and very painful

Every surgery has its own risks. However, it is not right to magnify the risks and pains that come with cosmetic surgery above any other surgical procedure. Having an accredited surgeon do the procedure, nothing but safety and a lot of care should be expected. It might take a patient some time to fully get comfortable around their new look with surgeries like a butt lift, but the recovery period is made as natural as possible when one gets the right team around them. Also, with new technology in the medical field, some of the procedures are not as invasive as they used to be.

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It is cancerous especially for breast reconstruction

Unlike popular belief, breast augmentation does not cause or put the patient into higher chances of getting breast cancer or any other likely type of cancer. The procedure is very safe and with silicone implants, a patient could go on with their lives as normal. It does not also prevent the mother from being able to breastfeed their kids. All it does is help the lady build her confidence as a woman and feel better about her looks which is very acceptable. 

It is vain

Would it be wrong for someone to seek facial reconstruction surgery after an accident that caused multiple scars on their face? Of course not. Cosmetic surgery is not always about doing it for the sake of beauty enhancement and pleasure. It is not also wrong for someone to do a breast augmentation after years of breastfeeding. Yes, there are people who seek cosmetic surgery to enhance their looks with no medical reasons, but we are all in charge of our bodies. If it makes you feel more confident in your line of work or as an individual in general, it does no one any harm seeking a bit of reconstruction and enhancements.

It’s a procedure for females only

As much as in 2017 the highest number of cosmetic surgery revolved around women, breast augmentation to be more specific, a good number of men to seek these cosmetic procedures for one reason or another. In the same year, around 321 men had eyelids surgeries done on them. 
Botox and liposuction procedures are also common with men in this day and age. Cosmetic surgery has no gender bias. As long as the patient knows what they want and the surgeon is able to make it happen for them, under the hospital’s and state’s laws then anyone is a potential candidate for cosmetic surgery. 

It’s only for the rich and famous

One last myth that many people consider as a fact is that only selected people in the society can not only afford but also should go ahead and have a cosmetic procedure done on them. As much as it is these people who are more open to such procedures, cosmetic surgeries are open for anybody who needs them.

These days the prices are not as high as they used to be, and many people can afford to get a cosmetic procedure done at least once in their lifetime. Some cosmetic procedures, especially those that follow after an accident or a form of illness can be covered by a person’s health insurance. Others like breast reductions are also acceptable by some insurances. This shows that more middle-class people have access to the surgeries and so they are not limited to the popular faces alone.


Anyone seeking to have a cosmetic procedure should do their homework and research on the type of procedure they seek to have. With viable knowledge, it is not possible to fall prey of myths and misconceptions around cosmetic surgeries. Medical doctors are also good at providing all the necessary and proved information a patient seeks to have. Only make sure that you seek accredited hospitals and doctors to do the procedures so that any risks that come with legalities are avoided. Also, for children, a guardian should be involved when it comes to decision making regarding cosmetic surgeries.


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