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There are tons of reviews on Anavar, but none like what we can tell you. If you wish to use the drug for the very first time, you must have some input on what the drug is all about! Anavar is classified as a steroid and prescribed by people who want to gain weight from chronic illnesses. As the drug is a controlled drug, you cannot find it over the counter.

Oxandrolone was created by Searle Laboratories in 1964. The drug is bought with prescriptions and licensed by doctors. Anavar comes from the generic drug name of Oxandrolone. One of the most important parts of the reviews of this steroid is that it is a mild drug. The steroid is more of an anabolic drug and not an androgenic one. People tend to stack it for bulking, but it can be individually used for cutting. It enhances muscle mass and increases strength in an overall. Anavar doesn’t improve testosterone production alike many other steroids.

Cost of Anavar

The first thing you would consider about buying anything is the price of the drug. Anavar is extremely expensive, and one pill would cost you around $2 to $3. This is not an affordable rate to most people. Some users have reacted negatively to the price, while someone has been okay after getting results. Women tend to need less dosages of the drug, while men need more. There are more chances of men to stack the drug, while women can use it individually.

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Results of Anavar

There are many side effects of Anavar and they result while you are in your cycle. Some users have reported to face fluid retention while some had rashes, drowsiness, insomnia, aching joints, and more. Some people reported to fall ill after not taking the drug dosage again. Some side effects were not much of an issue to the users.

There are people who haven’t reacted badly with high dosages, while some have with only 10 mg of dosage after taken for 3 months. People have also said to see higher blood pressure, but it is not serious. The research that has been conducted showed that there is one specific part of the product and that is troublesome and that is the price. In an overall, Anavar is the mildest anabolic steroid as it doesn’t come with androgenic effects. People use the drug because of its mildness and that is how it is liked by most.

If people need to choose one steroid over another for weight gain and cutting cycles, they should opt for Anavar. The drug is way better in terms of effectiveness and good in terms of not having much of side effects. Women can consume 5 to 20 mg of the drug, while men tend to start with 20 mg or more. As per the reviews of this steroid, no one should go around 100 mg of Anavar per day, and it anyway becomes expensive to most users.


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