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Anavar(chemically known as oxandrolone)is a type of an androgenic anabolic steroid that has been used in the prescription drug market for decades. In spite of this, it is not favoured to that extent due to challenges faced by the prospective user in the form of low supply and thehigh cost.  Of late the availability issue has been solved along with a decrease in the cost of the steroid. It is due to this reason that it leads to increase in the popularity of the product.It has been used in the development of the muscles during the treatment of muscle wastage. It is due to this reason that this steroid came into the radar of the athletes who exploited it to get a favorable physique. It is important for any user to understand the effects of this drug before use carefully.

Anavar history

Oxandrolone is the chemical derivative of the naturally synthesized hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which is present in the body. It has been favorably used by adifferent person of the athletic community like bodybuilders to get lean muscles. This popular steroid was introduced in the prescription drug market in the 1960s by Searle Inc which later disappeared from the market.It had been reintroduced by Bio-TechnologyGeneral Corp in 1995 followed by U.S based company Watson which lowered the cost of the steroid. The anabolic has been around for decades and has been used by generations of athletes.  It can be used beneficially by both male and female athletes. In fact due to this reason that there is review of Oxandrolone benefits which is present in many steroid portals. The benefits are due to the modification of the 17th carbon to a methyl group in the parent DHT structure that lead to increasing the stability of the compound.

Anavar is your best choice

The steroid has an importantmedical use. It is used in the treatment of muscle wastage and osteoporosis.  In many cases, it has been used as a performance enhancing drug and had been used beneficially for the growth of lean muscles. It is a weak bulking cycle, so many athletes use it in the cutting cycle.  The use of this steroid leads to an increase in the nitrogen retention in the body as a result of enhanced rate of protein synthesis.  The anabolic property of this steroid is three times more than testosterone and scores 320 against testosterone score of 100. It is due to this reason that it leads to significant loss of fat leading to leaner muscles in the body.

The availability of the steroid

It is important to analyze the legalities of the steroid use before the use of any drug as it varies in different countries.  The cost of Anavar has gone down significantly with increase in the availability of 10mg, 20mg tablets. Most of these pharmaceutical company synthesize this steroid as 10 mg tablets.   It is available in the over the counter pharmacy shops with a doctor’s prescription. But if you do not have it then you might require turning to online markets to get it. Every online portal has some of theversion of this drug as review of Oxandrolone benefits makes it so popular. Care should be taken while theuse of any steroid to prevent long term harm to the body.

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