Are Your Shoes Impacting Your Life More Than You Think?

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Sports Podiatrists in Bondi Sydney claim that your shoes have a much bigger impact on your life than you may think. Considering that you feet are the ones who have to do the job of holding the rest of your body, you definitely want to make sure that you never feel any pain or have any deformities on your feet.

It might sound unbelievable at first, but you should actually put in a lot of thought while you are browsing for shoes, because they can crumble down everything you worked so hard for, without being aware of it as you would surely not think that your shoes could be the cause of some problems such as back or neck pain.

What makes a bad shoe?

Many years ago, humans did not even use shoes, and today, you will bump into a single shoe store while going to the store or down to the market. The shoe industry has become quite big, and in order to keep things interesting, there are thousands of new models every year, and naturally, not every model is perfect as some of them are made for actual wearing while the other ones are made just for the looks of it.

The poorly designed shoes do not have to look bad in order to be bad for your health. The factors that are involved in your health are more within the shoe than it is on the outside. You have to take in concern the flexibility of the shoe, the material it is made out of, the ventilation it offers and one of the most important things are the actual size and shape of the shoe.

You would be surprised how many people take the shoe just because they “fit” into them, but little do they know that these type of shoes are the ones who often cause the most issues. When your foot barely fits into the shoe, you are not only decreasing the ventilation with the environment, but you are also pressuring the circulatory system which allows your feet to breathe from the inside.

You should give yourself time to try out different shoes before purchasing ones that you only like for their looks

What are the dangers behind inappropriate shoes?

One of the most common conditions are corns. These are patches of dead skin that is hardened, and it is often a cause of poorly fitting shoes due to the prolonged pressure that the specific area is affected with. If your shoes are too lose, your foot will rub an slide on certain areas over and over, causing corns on those spots.

Another thing that is quite common are nail problems. After spending a long time in shoes that are not the best fit, your nails could potentially pierce the skin of your toes, which may lead to a serious infection that might even require medial attention if it is allowed to spread too far through the system.

As if it might not be completely related to shoes, it is related to purchasing ones. It is highly advised never to wear or even try out shoes while barefoot due to the athlete’s foot infection which can be easily transferred from an infected person that wore that same pair before you.

Corns or calluses are a very common problem for people who are wearing bad fitting shoes

Final Word

If you are not sure which shoes you should purchase, or if you are having some other troubles regarding your feet, you should definitely consider talking to a podiatrist. The podiatry fees can value on the type of service you are looking from them, but if you are looking for consultations only, you should not worry about it too much.

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