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The decline in memory, attention, concentration – everything that doctors call age-related degenerative brain disorders, are among the most common diseases. Brain Booster offers the secret of effectiveness is in the composition. It is also called Colloid microactivated natural natural neuroenergetizer centrophenoxine (known in medical practice as centrifinoxin, acephene, there are other synonyms). This is the only compound in the Russian pharmacopeia from the group of neuroenergies. Medical Companies use only natural centrophenoxine of natural origin (it is obtained from cold-water marine fish). Its main ability is to increase the activity and speed of nervous processes, mental and physical performance. In addition, it is one of the most important ingredients for prolonging life. In the experiment, it prolonged the life of animals by 49.5%.

Colloidal natural centrophenoxine

In the body there is one of the most important substances – acetylcholine. It is a neurotransmitter or neurohormone, which is responsible for the transmission and regulation of signals from one nerve cell to another, both in the brain and in the entire nervous system. That is, it is acetylcholine that makes our body a single whole. The lack of acetylcholine worsens the regulation and work of the whole organism – in fact the body decays faster than usual. Note that up to 75% of the population may have a deficiency of acetylcholine. That is, many are not enough even to meet the physiological needs. To prolong life, acetylcholine is required several times more. From the lack of acetylcholine arise: lethargy, fatigue, depression, delayed reaction, difficulty in thinking, poor memory and irritability and so on. To buy centrophenoxine this is important.

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It is extremely important to note

A vegetarian diet can aggravate the deficit of acetylcholine. Therefore, from the point of view of prolonging life, with the primary plant nutrition, an additional intake of natural colloidal dimethyaminoethanol is necessary. Also colloid microactivated natural natural neuroenergizer Centrophenoxine has a pronounced antioxidant effect.

With age, the toxic pigment lipofuscin accumulates in the brain, CNS, heart, skin, and other cells. Earlier it was believed that lipofuscin – it’s just “garbage”, the pigment of aging. Now it is known that lipofuscin disrupts the work of nerve cells. Under old age each cell can be packed with lipofuscin by 30%, which disrupts the work of the nervous system, the brain. With the regular use of colloidal microactivated natural natural centrophenoxine, the amount of toxic pigment lipofuscinav cells is significantly reduced.

Common Issues

The most common diseases, especially in the civilized world, are degenerative diseases of the nervous system that manifest themselves in the reduction of mental abilities: after a certain age, there is a decrease in concentration and memory, various types of dizziness, headache, forgetfulness, slowness of movement, decreased mobility of facial expressions, noise in ears. To buy centrophenoxine this is important.

Studies in the field of brain aging show that the deterioration of memory and intellectual abilities in the middle of life cannot be considered normal. But it happens with almost everyone. For example, you are waiting for your turn in a general conversation, and when it comes up, you forget what you wanted to say. You cannot at the right time remember the name of the film or the name of a famous person. You miss the meeting because you were absolutely sure that it is scheduled for tomorrow.

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