Memory Care Facilities in Minneapolis, Minnesota – What to Look for in a Memory Care Facility?

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When a loved one is afflicted with any form of sickness, that is the time they need our love and care the most. An individual suffering from memory loss will need much attention. It could be our spouse, parents or any member of the family. Caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s or any form of dementia requires a lot of patience. That is why it is recommended that an individual with dementia should be placed in a memory care facility. Memory care facilities in Minneapolis Minnesota have skilled personnel to render quality services to your loved one. There are some basic characteristics you need to look for in a facility that specializes in memory care.

What to look for in Memory care facilities in Minneapolis Minnesota that specialize in memory care?

Compassionate staff

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A memory care facility whose Staffs are compassionate will do a great job of caring for dementia patients. Alzheimer’s patients require specialized care, especially in its late stage. It takes more than possessing the right skills to care for a dementia patient. It is only a compassionate caregiver that will be patient when dealing with a senior with dementia. Staffs should take the initiative in getting to know each resident as well as their personal needs. Caregivers should be kind enough to show personal interest in each individual in their care. For example, they can check on them while they sleep so as to ensure that they are not cold.  Unfortunately, many memory care facility claims to provide all these services but in the actual sense, they don’t. Make sure that you enquire properly about their services before opting it.


Facility management organizes different programs to enhance the cognitive ability of dementia patients. These programs should be planned according to the level or stage of dementia. Some of the Programs should include ways to dignify each resident. Residents should be allowed to participate in group activities and daily exercises to keep them physically fit. Other activities that will benefit senior residents include household chores, gardening, folding laundry etc. A good facility will also plan weekly or monthly outings to any nice resort or recreational facility. Nutritious meals and snacks should be served daily to every individual in the dementia care facility. Caregivers should ensure that hydration program is included as well. They should ensure that they motivate their residents to take part in each program.

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