OxyContin Addiction

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OxyContin is an exclusive formulation of the highly potential opioid analgesic, “oxycodone”. It is recommended to manage conditions associated with medium to intense pain. When used as per the directions, it is an effective and harmlessmedicine and has been proven to behelpful for a large number of individuals with concerns related to pain management. However, a lot of individuals misuse OxyContin in order to obtain a sense of pleasure, a practice, which is proven to behazardous and even fatal. Abuse of the OxyContin pills such as ingesting a large number of pills at the same time, or grinding them toinhale or take through injectionprompts muchpowerful effect as well as increases the possibility of further complications related to the OxyContin addiction.

In addition to that, individuals who misuse prescription analgesics are at an increased risk for concurrent or eventual addiction to heroin for the reason thatboth drugs have similar effects. Individuals having an addiction towards opioid painkillers such as OxyContin are more likely to get addicted to heroin too. This may happen due to the fact that heroin in more conveniently available and costs less as compared to opioid analgesics.

Adolescents are specifically at the increased risk to develop OxyContin addiction, for the reason that pills are usually easily available in their own homes or can be obtained by friends. A number of OxyContin pills are diverted from those with valid prescriptions, thereforeteenagers can get their hands on the drug in a comparatively convenient manner. In addition to that, a common misunderstanding that prescription opioids are harmless as compared to illegal drugs also leads to the increase ina number of adolescentswho are misusing analgesic medicines like OxyContin.

There have been a number of various treatments for OxyContin addiction. An appropriate type of treatment for OxyContin addiction is dependent on the particular condition and requirement of an individual. Here are a few kinds of different treatment settings and approached for the treatment of OxyContin addiction:

Residential Treatment

If the current living environment of a patient is the reason that triggers his/her OxyContin addiction, then he/she can avail residential treatment by living at the rehabilitation center while he/she receives rehabilitation treatment. This is most suitable for mild to serious addictions.

Outpatient Treatment

A patient can stay at his/her home while he/she receivetreatment, which may also suit his/herschedule. This is the best choice for those experiencing a comparatively minor OxyContin addiction.

Dual Diagnosis

In certain circumstances, individuals suffering from OxyContin addiction may experience a co-occurring psychological disorder. There are a few treatment centers, which offer specialized management for the co-occurring psychological disorder. This helps with a better prevention of relapse after the treatment.

Group Counseling

A qualified mental health professional facilitates a group therapy session where the patientis allowed to share their experiences with the addiction of OxyContin and the course of recovery.

Individual Therapy

In individual therapy,the patient gets to meet a therapist on a one-on-one basis to discuss the possible reason behind the addiction and get to develop management abilities to deal with stressful conditions.

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