Pet First Aid: Here’s How To Save A Choking Dog

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Emergency situations can happen anytime, anywhere, and to anyone — including your pets. This is why pet owners should never discount the importance of knowing pet first aid and having a basic emergency kit (which includes medicines from a trusted pharmacy for pets).

One common emergency situation among animals, especially dogs, is choking. Because of their innate curiosity, canines tend to try and chew on different stuff even those that are not edible.

Signs You Need to Know

Animals show signs of distress whenever they’ve eaten something that they shouldn’t have. For dogs, be alert once you’ve noticed any of the following. It could be a tell-tale sign indicating that your furbaby is already choking:

Your dog paws at its mouth

Its mouth is drooling

It shows struggles in breathing

Its mucous membranes turn bluish

It gives out high-pitch squeaking

It loses its consciousness

What You Need to Do

If you own a dog or any other pet, looking after their well-being doesn’t simply end in giving them food, taking them outside for a walk, or getting the most effective medicines from a pharmacy for pets. When an emergency situation happens, you need to know what are the immediate steps you’d have to undertake.

In the case of choking, here’s what you should do:


A choking dog will normally be anxious and distressed. One of the first things you need to do is to restrain your pet from struggling. This will help prevent your dog from potentially biting anyone around (including you) out of sheer panic and stress.


Once restrained, you need to work your way to retrieve the object that’s been blocking your dog’s airway.

To make things relatively easier, cut any object wrapped around your pet’s neck (e.g. Collar, dog tag). Gently open its mouth and use a large pair of tweezers to retrieve the blockage.

Bear in mind that sticking your fingers down the throat is a major no-no. This is to avoid any tissue damage and to prevent an object from being pushed further down.

The dog-appropriate Heimlich maneuver

If retrieving doesn’t work, going to the vet is the next option. But while on your way, you can help ease your dog’s struggles by performing the Heimlich maneuver.

For a small dog, hold it against your abdomen and fit your fist into a soft hollow under the ribs. Pull up and in twice (or thrice).

If it’s a larger one, place it on its side, do the same with the first part mentioned earlier — only that you need to push more sharply when pushing up and in in the direction of your pet’s head and your knees.

Even if you think your dog has already recovered from choking, it’s still safer to have a trip to the vet clinic. However, keep in mind that vet visits shouldn’t only be done in times of emergency — make it a habit.

As for your part, you should always keep an eye on your beloved fur baby. Always have medicine from a pharmacy for pets in hand. Treat your pet like a toddler and monitor closely what it eats or what it plays with.

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