Questions and Answers you should check before going for CNA Interview

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If you are preparing for CNA nursing and assistance you should do your homework before going for the interview. Here are sharing some of the question sets with a satisfactory answer you should check and prepare yourself before the interview.

Question: How do you manage your time while on the job?

Answer: I always work with time management and set my daily jobs as per priority, if any patient needs urgent care so that will be taken care of on priority and try to maintain my job duties for all my patient and set the level of priority on my daily task.

Question: How do you deal with a patient’s difficult emotions while on the job?

Answer: Managing with different emotions patient is totally dependent on your mental strength as there are some patient who may be angry in nature and some are depressed and some may understood your nature and attitude so handling them need good mental strength and cool and calm in nature as it’s your duty to take care of all in the same manner and you need to serve them well, we also need to listen to them and express their feelings and angriness and you need to manage the situation and nature simultaneously. I also learned many of the techniques before and always try to implement this while doing my job and I found good success rate to follow it.

Question: To be a CNA professional won’t be easy for you so why you want to choose your career in this sector?

Answer: I found this job interesting because I always wanted to care the persons and devote my life to caring them and helping them to get well soon, as I feel proud to do this and always given my best to give my time for healthy society.  Its bit of challenging task for anyone and facing these type of challenges give me smile and motivation in my life. If you offer me this job I will surely not disappoint you and give my best to help my patient to recover fast and get well soon.

Question:- Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years as a CNA professional

I am a dedicated person and I surely want a growth in this field and as I am serious about my career and working as a CNA may be a difficult and challenging task for me but if anyone working with dedication, loyalty then you surely gets the success. In Next 5 year from now, I want to see my profile as LPN.

 What are some positive personality traits that will help you in your job?

 I have always worked on a positive note and try to give it 110%. From my previous patients, I always got nice appreciation which gives me more strength and power to cater my patient as much better way as I always find happiness in my patient smile. In every job you should not think about this job is good or this job is not good, if you are giving your best it will return back to you and I always take it as priority that what I am doing I should do well.  For More Information, Please visit:

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