Senior Assisted Living Services Northwest Atlanta: Myths Vs Realities

Published On May 7, 2017 | By admin | Health

Assisted living facilities are built for the sole purpose of taking care of senior ones. Such individual requires assistance to carry out some daily activities like bathing and eating. Most people choose senior assisted living services Northwest Atlanta because seniors enjoy lots of independence, privacy and socialization. However most families find it difficult to move their loved one to an assisted living facility, but they should be strong and accept the fact.

Senior assisted living services Northwest Atlanta offer great benefit to seniors and is considered one of the best options for seniors looking to enjoy life to the fullest while living normally. When compared to other facilities such as nursing homes, assisted living enjoy great freedom to do their own thing.  The assisted living facility is the best option for senior who are self-sufficient but will require minimal assistance in just few tasks. These facilities also have medical experts on ground in case of an emergency. So, seniors can be assured of adequate medical attention when needed. It should be noted that assisted living facilities are only good for senior ones who are without any serious terminal disease that requires constant medical care. If this is the case, then a nursing home is ideal.

There are lots of false assumptions about assisted living facilities that might negatively affect your decision or perspective about the facilities. Below are some of the misconceptions :

Myth: “Assisted living” is just a fancy phrase for “nursing home.”

Reality: It is a fallacy. A nursing home provides constant medical attention for seniors with chronic illness or a terminal disease, while an assisted living facility only accommodates seniors who live normally but require minimal assistance in completing few daily activities such as cooking, cleaning,  shopping or transportation. Seniors are accommodated within the facility only for members of staff to help them as they deem fit. There are usually lots of activities lined up to entertain them and to also help them interact and connect socially.

Myth: Assisted living facilities can’t handle residents with more serious health care needs.

Reality: Though assisted living facilities don’t usually have several nurses on duty every hour of the day but they usually have one registered nurse during the day. On the other hand, some facilities are usually affiliated with nursing homes or clinics with medical staff where senior ones with health issues gets proper treatment. Discuss with a member staff of the facility before taking your loved one there.  This is to ensure they have certain features to guarantee the well-being of your loved one.

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