Steroids for Weight Loss – Is That A Myth or Fact?

Published On June 16, 2017 | By admin | Health

There were days where steroids are used for medical treatment. But, these are days where steroids are seen as the lifestyle option. So steroids can be seen used for weight loss, weight gain, gain muscle and many other options. Many manufacturers and sellers take advantage of these wishes and promote their products accordingly. Many of these products are fake and many of them would have side effects which will be known only during the course of time. Thus, many options are now available with steroids. Users can choose what their options are and do what they need. This is indeed a good option, but it always ends up with some or more damage to the user. Thus, a proper consultation and revisiting the dosages in periodic regular intervals would help the user to find what they need.

What are the best recommended doses?

Anavar is a mild anabolic steroid that is called as girl steroid. Since this is less anabolic in nature, this is being called so. But being less anabolic, this is also claimed to be one of the safest steroids in the market when compared to other products on the shelf. Thus, this is also in demand among users. One can see that recommended dosage for men would be 50-60 mg per day. This dosage works well for men, but we can also see people taking 100mg per day. But this is not recommended. The best dosages for weight loss is within this range as anything exceeding these dosages is not only claimed safe but also said that the results will not be that satisfying. Also, this steroid is much expensive due to many good effects it has and hence minimal dosage is good for everything. For women, the dosage is almost very less. It is only 10 to 20 mg per day. Even though mild, very less dosage is recommended for women.

Facts to be aware of usage

This drug is said to have a very minimal side effect. Even then, it is preferred to stick to the recommended dosages and women especially are to follow minimal dosage.  Also, the famous steroid cycle of two weeks is applicable to anavar as well. The user must take anavar starting with very less dosage for a week by increasing 10mg every day. Then the user must rest for 2 weeks period to see how their body responds

Legal issues and availability

As seen, the best dosages for weight loss should be followed by everyone. Hence it is advised not to exceed this dosage by any chance as it would be harmful for the user. As this drug directly acts on the central nervous system, there could be severe damage if the dosage is not properly taken. This drug is a prescribed legal drug and hence the availability will not be an issue at any part of the world. Though more suited for women, men can also use this dosage along with other stacking options. But, while taking with other stacking options care should be taken that the dosage should not exceed the allowable limit

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