The ultimate role of supplements in enhancement of muscular function

Published On June 10, 2017 | By admin | Health

Most of us have come across the term ornamental drug, called as anabolic steroids which help in the ornamentation or constructions of the muscles. In the simpler terms, the steroids are the man-made version of the natural growth hormone testosterone. These types of synthetic hormones have gained much popularity among the bodybuilders as well as athletes due to their immense capacity to increase the muscular strength among the bodybuilders.  In general, the physician prescribes the anabolic steroids for certain disorders like the loss of appetite and to induce the puberty. In the case of incurable and chronic diseases like AIDS and cancers, some doctors recommend anabolic steroids to prevent the wasting of muscles.

Mechanism of actions of synthetic steroid or testosterone:  Usually the steroids are accessible in various forms ranging from orally admissible tablets to intramuscular injections. When an adequate dose of steroid is administered it travels throughout the blood and finds its way to the androgen receptors of the body. It binds to the androgen receptors in the same way as an enzyme binds to its substrate. This conjugation leads to the stimulation of the testosterone hormone which sends a signal to RNA to build up the subsequent DNA or proteins, which are the primary blocks in building up of the muscles.  Hence the ultimate results from this steroid cycle are the building of proteins which in turn aid in bulking of muscles.

Possible side Effects associated with its abuse: In addition to the tremendous benefit, results from the steroid cycle are also accompanied by certain risk factors. Some of which include elevated cholesterol levels which might be an indication of a liver disease, unexpected rise in serum creatinine in the blood leading to kidney failure, skin allergy etc.

Steroid abuse among teenagers:  The lack of proper guidance and knowledge among the teenagers is one of the main reasons of steroid abuse. It is also worth mentioning that certain misleading sites, peer pressure and including the media are also responsible for leaving the teenagers in the dark. They only highlight the positive impact of the supplement on the adolescents. Now- a- days the youths are over conscious regarding their so-called physical image and to be a stud in their group they resort to unfair means and illegal activities which ruin their health. Hence, parents of teenagers are required to closely observe their ward for any kind of warning signs. The most prominent warning sign of steroid abuse is unexpected muscle growth. Certain psychological signs are also associated with steroid abuse. So if your child is showing some sort of abnormal behavior including excessive aggressiveness, then you should rush to the doctor at the earliest.

Food for thought:  It is advised that you sort to natural process like taking high-quality diet, remaining stress-free and exercising regularly for building up of muscles in a healthy and much safer way. If you are unable to find a way the natural way, seek professional advice. There is only one life, spend it wisely.

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