ValueMags and Political Correctness

Published On February 16, 2017 | By admin | Health

PC otherwise known as political correctness, is a hot topic in the media these days due to how news is being filtered and delivered to consumers. For the most part, ValueMags employees and executives are upset with how news stations are delivering news, political, economic, and recreational, to consumers. ValueMags is a marketing company for magazine publishers based out of Chicago Illinois that is equally responsible for distributing magazines. They are sometimes even included in the content development process with their clients. Their issues related to the delivery of poor content is that consumers are misinformed.

As an entertainment agency responsible for delivering entertaining and factual news, it is frustrating to them (a company who is delivering the truth) to see popular and wealthy news stations and website deliver news that has a twisted truth. ValueMags believes that it is morally not ethical for “trustworthy” sources to be delivering news that is not acted checked therefore may or may have a twisted truth to it.

The other issue among many that ValueMags has a problem with when news stations are reporting is their sensitivity to police correctness. Because many cultures and demographics are watching the news, the stations will deliver the news in a manner that is least offensive to the most amount of people but hopefully everyone. This means that due to a careful selection to use of words, the stories may not have the same meaning that they are supposed to have. This means that people could be receiving the right information but interpreting it the wrong way because of the way it is delivered.

ValueMags wishes this world would be more honest about the reality of the environments they live in and more honest with themselves. When someone, the majority of the time uses certain words to be politically correct, it loses that value of their point because they could not (for whatever reason) use more accurate wording to avoid offending an individual or group.

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