Zumbini:  A Great Footstep to Your Child’s Intellectual and Social Development

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As our children grow, we want them to enjoy their childhood by making it more memorable. At childhood stage, kids tend to be more energetic and playful, kids are more curious and easily hooked to what they see.  As parents, we seek for educational activities where they can enjoy and learn as well. Children can play with scrabbles, checkers, chess and other exciting board games. Children can also do camping and other outdoor activities. Aside from the enumerated activities, your child can join Zumbini Miami.

Zumbini is a class where toddlers from 0-3 years old can enjoy music by singing and dancing through lively music just like a zumba class. Aside from entertaining music, there are storytelling and visual animations where they can interpret a story based on figures and drawings.  Parents are strongly invited to join their toddlers to this class wherein they will not only enjoy, they will also learn from the moral lessons of each story.

Benefits of Zumbini

1. Emotional Enhancement

In Zumbini, they will learn how to distinguish good values and using it at home. Good values will be highly implemented and taught. Toddlers ages 0-3 are easily taught to do good values and right conduct wherein their emotional progress is still in process of development.  In zumbini, they will learn how to treat other playmates right and with respect.

2. Developing the Cognitive Skills

Through Zumbini, teachers will ask students to interpret visual animations based on what they saw in the slides shown. Aside from visual interpretations, they will learn how to memorize rhythmic steps when dancing and lyrics when singing. Eventually, kids will keep on memory about what they dance and sing makes them do it at home.

3. Improvement at Health

While enjoying zumbini, kids’ physical attributes are getting enhanced. They perform basic exercises when they dance and make rhythm movements at zumbini. Your child is getting fit while learning and enjoying.

4. Bonding with Parents

There are establishments where they offer both zumba and zumbini, zumba is for adults. While having zumbini, you can also join zumba classes or join zumbini. You will witness how your child enjoy and learn at his or her class. Aside from joining the class, the teacher can also share some activity where you can do at home.

5. Boosting Social Development

In Zumbini, kids will get along with other children. They will mingle and make friends while at school. This development can be stepping stone when your child need to attend an actual school. Zumbini instructors can make groupings and practice teamwork. It is good enhancement wherein it develops the value of being expressive and being friendly.


In Om’echaye, they offer Zumbini classes where you can leave your child for ample time. Each zumbini class accumulates 45 minutes, this time is filled with music and enjoyment. It covers children ages 0-3. Zumbini classes are usually offered to boost focus, memory and multitasking. If you are interested, you can check Zumbini Miami for more details.

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